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Wool Growers Convention 2014

The wool growers of west central states Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nevada met in Park City, Utah for their annual conventions.  Organizers say 400 sheep ranchers, industry reps, and government landlords attended the event.  The states share many common interests in the sheep and wool industry.

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UI Idaho Agriculture Outlook Seminars Scheduled

The University of Idaho Extension is offering Idaho Ag Market Outlook Seminars December 9 - 11th.

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Idaho residents strongly encouraged to support Boulder White Clouds petition effort

Click on link to sign petition:http://www.yourboulderwhiteclouds.org/home.html

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GMO Labeling Measures Fail in Oregon, Colorado

Ballot measures requiring labeling of food made with genetically modified ingredients recently failed in Colorado and Oregon. California and Washington voters rejected similar measures in recent years and now nearly half of all states have considered labeling requirements.

Only one state, Vermont, has passed a law requiring GMO labeling. It’s facing a legal challenge there and is not slated to take effect until 2016.

In Oregon, one of the nation’s most liberal states, the measure lost by a narrow margin. Many pundits thought a labeling bill had a good chance of passing there. In Colorado the measure was defeated by a two to one margin. Millions of dollars have been spent both advocating for GMO labeling and defending the status quo. So what is the takeaway message from this effort to implement state labeling laws?

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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 12, 2014 - Final Session Issue

Capitol Reflections
The 2014 legislative session was productive for the citizens of Idaho and for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation. Of the 17 items that Governor Otter highlighted in his Legislative Successes press release, four were in direct response to Idaho Farm Bureau’s policies and others support policy principles of our organization.
On at least two occasions, the Governor has used Idaho Farm Bureau as the example of how organizations and individuals can achieve success by working pro-actively and cooperatively, within the legislative process to identify problems and then develop solutions for those problems.

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