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Potato Plant

Idaho potato growers are busy planting thousands of acres of spuds.
We visit a field near Middleton where seed potatoes are being planted on the Mike Wagner farm.

News Release

Answering Tough Ag Questions

Through social media, America’s farmers and ranchers explain why they do certain things when raising animals for food. This communication is not just one way. Facebook posts from the farm, tweets from the tractor seat and blogs from the “back 40” allow members of the non-farming public to ask questions on everything from how today’s food is grown to how it is processed and eventually brought to market.

Although a growing number of farmers use social media to interact with consumers, trepidation about answering tough ag-related questions causes some to shy away from using this valuable communications tool. But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to a couple of social media experts who teamed up recently to share time-tested tips with Farm Bureau members.

“Be authentic in telling your story,” says Lyndsey Murphy, digital media specialist at the American Farm Bureau. “Speak for you and your farm, not the whole of agriculture,” she advises. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, it’s perfectly OK to say you don’t know but will find the answer.

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Voice of Idaho Agriculture

Craters of the Moon – What’s In a Name?

Before throwing caution to the wind and jumping on the “let’s create a new national park bandwagon,” a more thorough investigation of the proposal is needed.

The recent proposal to send a state memorandum to Congress that would change the name of Craters of the Moon National Monument to National Park, was supported by the Butte County Commissioners and State Rep. Merrill Beyeler R-Leadore. There is local support for the change and we believe that is important.

However, the proposal failed after concerns about it were raised by several voices including the Idaho Farm Bureau. We would like to stress that we aren’t here to claim responsibility for killing the idea and we think it should be given time for thorough vetting. So let’s ask the hard questions first and get the answers out in front of all of the stakeholders. If it still seems like a good idea after that then let’s move forward with it.

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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 14, 2015 - Final Session Issue

IFBF followed 69 bills during the 2015 session.

The 63rd session of the Idaho Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Saturday, April 11, 2015. The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
closely followed 69 bills and resolutions during the 2015 session. Ninety-three percent of the bills that were actively worked by IFBF
either became law or were defeated in harmony with IFBF policies. Listed in the attached document are some of the bills followed.

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