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Underground gophers are plentiful this spring and that's keeping local exterminators busy. See how one company uses compressed carbon monoxide to kill the pests.

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Sustainability should be off the table in federal dietary guidelines

AFBF — While farmers and ranchers strongly support work on agricultural sustainability, there is no scientific basis for incorporating sustainability concepts in federal dietary guidelines, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

In comments regarding the scientific report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, Farm Bureau noted that the government’s dietary guidelines strongly influence policy development, program administration and delivery and the educational message directed toward American consumers with respect to food and nutrition issues, which makes it imperative that the Health and Human Services Department and USDA base the guidelines on well-established, widely accepted scientific evidence.

“Unfortunately, the scientific report of the advisory committee goes well beyond its designated scope of work, delivering a report that strongly suggests the committee would base dietary guidelines on more than health and nutrition considerations. The report includes an extensive section on the topic of sustainability, citing a need ‘to have alignment and consistency in dietary guidance that promotes both health and sustainability,’” Farm Bureau said, quoting directly from the report.

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Voice of Idaho Agriculture

Quagga Mussels vs. Franklin County

Franklin County, Idaho is on the frontline in a battle with foreign invaders and leaders there are suggesting strong measures to keep the pests and the myriad problems they present – out.

Due to concerns that quagga mussels could be transported from infected Utah reservoirs, several irrigation reservoirs in Franklin County, popular with fishermen as well as water sport enthusiasts, will be closed to boats in mid to late July when funding for a state funded boat inspection program is expected to run out. The owners of the irrigation impoundments simply cannot afford to inspect boats on their own.

Quagga mussels, believed to have been transplanted to the Great Lakes in the late 1980’s in ballast water of foreign ships, have now spread and infected lakes and reservoirs in 28 states. Utah and Nevada are among the latest to make the list. If Idaho fails to protect its water, we can expect to see declining fisheries and clogged water transmission infrastructure that will hinder the ability to deliver irrigation water.

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Capitol Reflections

Capitol Reflections - Issue 14, 2015 - Final Session Issue

IFBF followed 69 bills during the 2015 session.

The 63rd session of the Idaho Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Saturday, April 11, 2015. The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
closely followed 69 bills and resolutions during the 2015 session. Ninety-three percent of the bills that were actively worked by IFBF
either became law or were defeated in harmony with IFBF policies. Listed in the attached document are some of the bills followed.

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